An Unique Professional Manicurists – Founder of Rainbow Nails, Helen Leung

Rainbow Nails is located in Pottinger Street, Central. It provides world class one stop OPI manicure and pedicure services and OPI Nail Supplies in Hong Kong. Rainbow Nails provides all the popular professional nail art.
Do you want to know the story behind the professional nail salon in Hong Kong with its founder? Read on to discover the story behind Rainbow Nails. In a short interview with MindBeauty, Helen Leung, who is the founder of Rainbow Nails, explained her inspiration for the establishment of “Rainbow Nails”, including how everything started and what are his plans for the future.

Interview with Helen Leung – Founder of Rainbow Nails

MindBeauty: Could you let us know more about yourself in person?

Helen: I have been in this field for 20 years, founded Rainbow Nails in 2004 and Sensation by Rainbow Nails in 2018. I obtained the OPI educator professional qualifications from OPI head quarter in 2005.
In these decades, I participated in different nail activities and went to different countries to study my nail knowledge regularly. In 2018, I obtained CIBTAC Level 4 Education & Training and British ITEC Level 5 Professional Diploma in Education & Training. In 2019, I served as a member of the Nail Art Association and would like to develop my nail teaching and management skills within the industry.

MindBeauty: What are the main factors to keep a successful beauty business in your point of view?

Helen: Each customer has different demands. First of all, we have to give an impression of professionalism and confidence to the customer, then we need to update our products constantly to cater different group of customers. In order to make customers feel like home, technical training, serving customers with professionalism and sincerity are also required.

MindBeauty: What makes you to keep on the passion for working in the beauty industry as some would say it is rather competitive?

Helen: To be honest, beauty industry is changing fast and competitive. The positive encouragement from my professional team and loyal customers has motivated me to move forward. They make me understand that it is worthwhile for me to stick to the nail industry and build a profession. I believe that as long as you manage with your heart, the guests who patronise must feel it.

MindBeauty: What have triggered you to set up this company in the beginning?

Helen: The main reason for opening my own nail shop is that I am interested, enthusiasm and prospects in the nail industry. I hope that I can put different favorite elements in the nail art, create a professional and unique nail shop, and train like-minded people together. Work, do a little bit for the nail industry, I believe that as long as you stick to it, you will succeed.

MindBeauty Please use three words to best represent your shop.

Helen: People-oriented, teamwork, dedication

MindBeauty: What makes your shop special?

Helen: 1. I like to serve clients who have demands and problems on their nails.
2. Since the very beginning, we insist to use American style manicure. Through professional grinding technology, customers can have different experiences on manicure.
3. We focus on the spirit of teamwork and hope every customer can feel a happy atmosphere every time when they visit.
4. Each manicurist is personally trained by our company, so we can ensure employees, technology, service policies and concepts are consistent.

MindBeauty: What is the wow factor for you to perceive in this beauty industry?

Helen: We hope to make customers feel familiar when they come. First we need to understand customer needs and explain what colour and nail shape looks better with them. Aromatherapy and soft music can let customers feel relax. In order to improve our service, we will invite customers to leave their comment or opinion via social platform.

MindBeauty: Any particular reasons to choose specific cosmetic brands for your company?

Helen: Every brand we use are strictly selected with their reputation, company background, product origin, product quality and the suitability for our customer’s group, etc. Our staff then will try the product repeatedly in a certain period of time to ensure the product durability, usability and stability is same as the factory described.

MindBeauty : Any motto that you live by?

Helen: Life is learning every day, nothing is impossible. Take your opportunity and the best is yet to come.

MindBeauty: What are the biggest lessons that you have learnt in doing the beauty business so far?

Helen: I understand that success is not only personal efforts but also rely to teamwork. We must have the same belief, trust each other’s and help each other’s if needed. It is the most important way to be successful.

MindBeauty: What is the goal/direction for your business be in 5 years’ time?

Helen: I hope the company can keep up its nail art work and expand to a better structure company. Also, I would like to provide different practical nail courses to people who are interested in nail art. Put more new elements to diversify the development. My employee can work in a smooth and happy environment.

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Contact Details

  • manicure, pedicure, OPI Nail Supplies

  • 8/F, Thyrse House,
    16 Pottinger Street,
    Central, Hong Kong

  • Mon – Sun:  9:30 am – 8:00 pm

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