Hey girls, its October and it is that time of the year with the most exciting festival of all, no I am not talking about oktoberfest, I am talking about HALLOWEEN. It is a day all of us are allow to dress whatever we pleased. For me this is the day I get the green card to wear the most outrageous, sexiest clothes I own, Cavalli, Versace you hear me gurl.

While going as the shinning twins and Leatherface from “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” might seems obvious! Thats why I going for celebrity realness this year : Cher, Kim Kadashian and Dolly Parton are right on the top of my list! If you are tired to look around for halloween inspirations, you have come to the right place! Lets dive in and be your favourite Hollywood A-Lister Doppelgänger. And trust me, if you get it right it can also be SCARY AF! And you don’t really need to abuse the use of fake blood either! lol

Kim K. As Cher

In order to captivate the essence of Cher you have to get them hair smooth and sleek with the signature middle parting! Lips are very important for this look, go matte and big or go home!

Adele As Dolly Parton

Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene! Our all time favourite 70s superstar from Tennessee! Give those blonde hair a big 70s blowout with a splash of blue on them lids. Add a feather boa and a guitar and you are good to go!

Kim K. As Madonna

Diamonds are girl best friend! Wait is that Madonna or Marilyn Monroe. Anyway, if you want to dress as one of the sex icon in either decade, here are the top tips to get it right! Shiny blonde curls, diamonds, a pair of killer red lips and a neckline that are so low that we don’t even know how it stands up, did I say sparkles? Lots and lots of sparkles!

Just thought I would include this cheeky picture of Katy Perry dressing up as Hillary Clinton, the skill level is parallel to my favourite sitcom artist Tracey Ullman!

Do not forget Halloween is a season of surprises, so do slip into your naughtiest lingerie, you never know who you gonna meet at those crazy parties!


Go wild!