Lately I had been obsessed with this photographer who travels around the world capturing the true beauty from different countries in the world, Mihaela Noroc uses her instagram ‘Atlas of Beauty’ channelling the message of beauty comes in many forms, and it make us question beauty isn’t only about what we consume from glossy magazine or looking up to certain celebrity. From reading up many articles and scrolling on her instagram, I really cant stop thinking that the true beauty really is about celebrating and embracing ones uniqueness. I am not talking about giving up on make up and skincare, instead it is about use it to enhance what we already got instead of changing it! There lies a very fundamental issue in which we shall never wanting to change ourself but to ACCEPT AND EMBRACE ourself. It is about appreciating our own beauty and nurture it in order to let our beauty to shine from in and within!

‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ isn’t something new, we have all heard that saying since we were growing up. With the help of globalisation comes cultural exchange, and the explosion of the internet age, information gets transport in speed like never before. With all these exchanges also brings beauty standard, one of cultural greatest bi product. But what problem also arise is that what is considered beautiful in one culture doesn’t always translate to another, with the society telling us from internet and social media saying what feature and look is desirable and what we should aspire to look like!

But also there is this new wave of international trend like #flawsome, celebrating flaws and understand that we are still awesome. There are great beauty in imperfection. Like the Japanese philosophy wabi sabi, seeing beauty in imperfection can help us remember that a society’s connotation of perfection isn’t worth striving for.




If you have freckles, instead of hiding it under foundation, why don’t you show it! It looks extremely cute when you pair it with like some gold shade make up, it gives you a lovely post summer glow. Finding the best match color foundation is also extremely important to show your true complexion. And if you want to have a nicer body it should be from a place call self love, I found yoga is a great way to start, not only it enhance your body but also strengthen your body and soul. Remember, true beauty is coming from in and within from our soul to our mind and body!


Love yourself!