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瀏覽及預約 佳理醫療集團 多元化服務

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Service Range 服務包括:

Facial, Body Treatment, Aesthetic Medicine, Health Check


Address 地址:

Shop A, 1/F, Cameron Plaza, 23-25A Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong


Working Hours 服務時間:

Mon – Fri: 11am – 8pm

Sat: 10am – 7pm

Sun: OFF

Modern people are getting longer and longer, and they can live a healthy and young state, and they can live a long and beautiful life. Caly Medical Group is committed to providing a diverse range of services to protect your physical and mental health. Services include: comprehensive physical examination, genetic testing, preventive vaccines, and medical care and beauty.

現代人愈來愈長壽,身心保持健康年輕的狀態,才可以活出長壽而精彩的人生。Caly Medical Group 佳理醫療集團就是致力提供多元化的服務來守護大家的身心健康。服務包括:全面身體檢查、基因測試、預防疫苗及醫學保健美容等。

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