Have you ever wished there was a secret to a beautiful you? MindBeauty girls would know that many scientific studies have proven that there is a strong connection between beauty, the way we breathe, the state of our mind, and our lifestyle.

Inner beauty comes from within. It is a state of experiencing the wholeness of your human being in harmony and balance in the present moment. We experience our inner beauty when we are aligned with our life’s purpose, our true heart’s desire and with our whole self. When we live disconnected to our body or emotions, we feel weaker and are not able to glow the way a person does when they are integrated and connected.

Look within and find the most beautifying spa

Beauty is really an inside-out phenomenon, and outer beauty is just the reflection of inner beauty. Inner beauty is something that your age can’t take away; it remains with you. People go from spa to spa seeking to enhance their beauty, a journey to treat yourself well and spend time on yourself through quality spa and salons is of beautiful and necessary, but do you also notice that the most beautifying spa is in fact WITHIN YOU – a place full of peaceful and beautiful. Wherever you go, you add beauty elements.

As simple as having a cup of coffee in an early morning, spending few minutes for inhaling, listening to yourself could be a great meditation, these are the doorway to your “inner spa”.

Three simple ways to wake up your inner beauty

1. Connect to Your Inspiration.

Close your eyes, and listen to your own breathe that inspires you.

2. Acknowledge Yourself

Qualities within yourself that help you to find meaning, pleasure and satisfaction. To enhance your inner beauty, allow yourself to feel love, joy, gratitudes and compassion for your being.

3. Be Yourself, Love Yourself 

When you are available emotionally and mentally without any hidden agenda, people can feel that authenticity, and it’s very attractive. MindBeauty holds a space for you to simply be yourself, through treatment, workshops, and more…

Pausing to feel, breathe, observe and love ourselves brings us closer to experiencing the inner beauty. Start today, make time for ourselves, remind ourselves to look within.

Good Day!