There’s nothing like having a fresh, glowing complexion, and we spend billions of dollars each year in pursuit of this mission. But having bright, light skin isn’t just about the products we use. So here are a few other secrets for achieving this goal.

Keep your skin clean

Product residue, pollution and dry, flaky skin all contribute to a dull complexion. To get your skin bright and healthy, be sure to clean your skin thoroughly every morning and evening, and use a gentle exfoliator once or twice a week.

Eat Right

To maintain glowing skin you need to nourish it from the inside out, so make sure you eat well. That means eating foods high in fatty acids like salmon and walnuts; antioxidants such as tomatoes and dark chocolate; and carotene which is in carrots, papayas and mangoes.


Water is essential to having a lit-from-within look. In order to look bright and light, skin needs to oxygenate properly and the best way to do this is to get six to eight large glasses of aqua every day.

Use the right products

Your products make a huge difference to how your skin appears, so pay attention to the ingredients in your skincare, especially in serums and moisturisers. For that Insta-ready glow, look for products with ingredients like kojic acid, arbutin, vitamin c and retinol.

Avoid alcohol

There’s nothing wrong with the occasional adult beverage, but overindulging in alcohol can seriously dehydrate and dull your skin; it can also increase blood flow to the skin’s surface, giving you a flushed appearance. When you do drink, stick to clear alcohols (think vodka, gin, Champagne and white wines) and have a glass of water with each drink.

Try a laser

If you’re dealing with scars, pigmentation and dark spots, laser lightening could be a good option. Lasers minimise melanin, which is the skin pigment. By reducing this, skin appears brighter and lighter, and fine lines are reduced.


Byline: Gina


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