Soul Beauty & Wellness is located in the heart of Causeway Bay, where is less than a minute’s walk from the MTR station. The interior environment is comfortable and quiet, it offers a variety of treatments, which including facials, body treatments, wellness treatments and massages. There is also a ladies-only of body shaping underwear room. Read on to discover the story behind Soul Beauty & Wellness. In a short interview with Mindbeauty, The founder of Soul Beauty & Wellness explains what inspired her to set up “Soul Beauty & Wellness“, how it all started and what are her plans for the future.

Soul Beauty & Wellness provides a ladies-only of body shaping underwear room that allows you to be guilty from inside to outside.

Introduction – Founder of Soul Beauty & Wellness

The founder of Soul Beauty & Wellness has accumulated more than ten-year experiences in the beauty industry. At the beginning when she was young, she was like the most girls who loves outer beauty. Also she wanted to bring a beautiful and younger look to the girls who seek outer beauty. In nowadays, she is focusing on health of the body and mind. She hopes that people who love beauty can possess beauty from inside to outside, also have a truly health and beauty with confident of life.

Interview with the founder of Soul Beauty & Wellness

MindBeauty: What are the main factors to keep a successful beauty business in your point of view?

Soul Beauty: In addition to professional knowledge, technology is updating each day, we need to constantly innovate, and sincerely and carefully understand the needs of every customer!

MindBeauty: What makes you to keep on the passion for working in the beauty industry as some would say it is rather competitive?

Soul Beauty: Because there are upcoming new products and new technologies, our team will actively do learning to upgrade themselves, always bear in mind that we should not forget the original intention–to better the outer and inner beauty for the customers.

MindBeauty: What have triggered you to set up this company in the beginning?

Soul Beauty: Because I think the company’s philosophy is not just about slimming beauty, I think every guest wants from the inner body to improve health and beauty, than to slim down, I want to pay attention to the fundamental problems of the guests, to achieve true health and bodybuilding effect, for Hong Kong people busy, Depsite that the pace is rapid,causing the subhealth condition , I hope everyone can be healthy and beautiful, the body and mind get the best adjustment.

MindBeauty: Please use three words to best represent your shop.

Soul Beauty: Health, Skin Beauty, Aromatherapy

MindBeauty: What makes your shop special?

Soul Beauty:・Absolutely professional・Never trick the customers・Never hard sell・Absolutely thoughtful to guests.

MindBeauty: What is the wow factor for you to perceive in this beauty industry?

Soul Beauty: When the customer enters Soul beauty, we first offer a warm cup of tea to the customer, analyze the customer’s skin and understand the customer’s needs through communication, and then let the customer enter the beauty room and enjoy our service easily. It is our most satisfying moment for customers to leave the beauty salon with satisfaction and joy. After the completion of the service, we will invite customers to rate our services and leave comments through the electronic platform to improve and perfect. The customer’s birthday month will be given a free treatment for the customer to enjoy.

Soul Beauty & Wellness always import new products, new technologies and new machines in order to make their customers feel relieved.

MindBeauty: Any particular reasons to choose specific cosmetic brands for your company?

Soul Beauty: Pursuit of natural, professional and careful understanding and selection of products, quality must have professional certification, must be safe from the source, and the effect is significant

MindBeauty: Any motto that you live by?

Soul Beauty: Success is not based on dreams and hopes, but on hard work and practice.

MindBeauty: Any memorable things that you would like to share?

Soul Beauty: There is a new customer, because of her personal problems, she was having the hard time of her life, having insomnia, poor skin, panda eyes, so she was recommended the aromatherapy magnetic fork treatment, during she continued to aromatherapy treatment, we cheered up her, encouraged her, cared for her. Finally, she walked out of the haze and stepped into the path of confident life. One day, I touched her hand and felt that her hands were cold. She told me: Although my hands are cold, my heart is very warm now, and she feels thankful to us for taking care of her skin and giving her spiritual support for many years!

MindBeauty: What are the biggest lessons that you have learnt in doing the beauty business so far?

Soul Beauty: We humans are like a plant. Everyone wants the flowers of the plants to be bright and splendid. We will not just do care on the petals, but start from the soil, irrigate the nutrients, take care of them, and the flowers of the plants will flourish. And splendid, so if you want to be more beautiful, you should start with health. Healthy beauty is born from the inside out.

MindBeauty: What is the goal/direction for your business be in 5 years’ time?

Soul Beauty: We wants to bring the concept of regimen to the market and letting more people to be aware of the healthy beauty concept and importance. Meanwhile,we hope we can acquire the professional accreditation and recognition in the market in 5 years’ time.

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