The mountain of makeup, hair products and facial creams in my bathroom are truly remarkable. I am all in for products that helps my face and body, and even though I’m a skincare beauty geek there is some things that you just cant do at home. For me personally, having a firm and tone face is extremely crucial. It is like having a great canvas to paint on! This is when I go to seek professional help.

While some of my friends are using Japanese gadgets which believes to train the cheek muscle or firm up your cheek bone, and others going for plastic surgeon. I am more of a facial kinda of gal, so I am here to share with you about this I.T. treatment call High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, a.k.a. HIFU.

This painless face lifts, HIFU treatment directly delivers heat energy to skin and subcutaneous tissue that can stimulate and renew the skin’s collagen and thus consequently improving the texture and reducing sagging of the skin. Whats more is that, it improve up to 9 months while results can last for a year.

With HIFU, there are the traditional ones like Ulthera and Doublo, which normally can be done once to twice a year (with a 6 months gap). On the other hand, there is this new treatment call MDS which suggests a new theory of having it done 4 times in 2 months to maximise the slimming result with the eclipsing effects!

When it comes to prices vs pain, Doublo is normal cheaper than Ulthera, because the former is from Korea while the latter one is from America. Double is also relatively less painful, therefore more of a preference for Hong Kong doctors. And MDS is the latest technology from Korea, it is painless and stimulate and renew a considerable amount of collagen, promoting an even firm and smoother face.

If you are wondering where to go, here two of them you might want to try! Highly recommened by MindBeauty Booking App!


AMOOMA Spa & Sanctuary

Apart from have a great selection of facial services, they are renown for its massage too. Indulge yourself in the high end decor and 5 star service, putting your stress at ease while relieve those tired muscle, truly rejuvenating experience!
MindBeauty recommend: High intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) HKD 6800 5100

Doctor Li Laboratories

Develop exclusively by one of the Australian skincare expert Dr. Mielon Lee, all products at Doctor Li are made from natural ingredients, with an endeavour to improve skins quality. Apart from its beauty treatment, its massage is also a go-to destination, especially the authentic Japanese Rock Spa treatment.

MindBeauty recommend: High intensity Focused Ultrasound Treatment (First trial) HKD 12800 6400


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