Find & Book Beauty Salon Treatments in Hong Kong

How would you like to pamper yourself a bit today and cleanse from the office stress? With MindBeauty, you can find a beauty salon in Hong Kong to book an appointment in a matter of minutes. Everything you need is on the palm of your hand: MindBeauty application is a user-friendly app designed to help you discover a beauty parlor in your vicinity fast and easy.

Who will love MindBeauty app?

The idea behind MindBeauty app was to create a solution for everyone looking to enjoy a day of beauty treatments. You can use it to discover:

Beauty parlors where you can receive a facial or get your makeup done professionally
Training and sports centers
Yoga centers
Massage treatments

This app utilizes geolocation to target beauty salons in Hong Kong that are the nearest to you – and have a free slot you can fill! All of the beauty parlors we collaborate with come with great reputation for their expert services and unmatched customer relationship. This way we made sure that no matter where the MindBeauty app takes you, you will receive a first-class beauty treatment.

How to use MindBeauty app?

We have specially designed MindBeauty to be intuitive and user-friendly.
As you open the app, simply tap on the service you are looking for in the menu.
Choose between facial treatment, hair salon, spa, yoga center, gym or a beauty parlor!

In no more than a second, you will be presented with a list of locations that have free slots and the exact time at which you can book an appointment. The price will be listed as well, so you have all the information needed to decide which beauty salon in Hong Kong you want to visit. No matter if you are looking for the nearest or the most affordable beauty parlor, or the one that has the first free slot – MindBeauty application will provide all the essential information.

Now you can enjoy a beauty treatment in less than 15 minutes! Test MindBeauty now to feel refreshed and relaxed instantly!

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