If I say Hong Kong is one of the most busy and packed place in the world, I don’t think many people would argue me on that. Many might think you need to little city escape every now and then, but what if you get a little hiccups from stress during the week and a little city may not be possible the the firing need.

There are two places I have discovered during these past few years in Hong Kong, where you, and may be your significant other, can really take a deep breath away from the crowds. While one is banged in the middle of the city while the other one does take a bit more dedication!

Wether you are looking for a place to step away from it all, or just a little romantic evening with that special one. I hope my advice will give you new inspiration when you need some tranquil times.

Terrace on the central Pier 3

When you think of going for a little drink on a terrace with a budget, many of us will go for the obvious choice IFC, which is amazing especially with the new area which opened last year. But it’s quite so often that it get quite busy in the evening and you realise you need to scream to get your message through to the other person. This terrace on top of the Central Pier 3 on top of the Discover bay ferry terminal, just a short walk from IFC and what you get is the same epic skyline of the TST with one tenth of the people. You can bring your own drinks sitting on the benches which is right on the coast line of Hong Kong Island with the most fantastic view of the city with no service charge!

The unknown beach by Ham Tin

There this famous beach in Sai Kung call Big Wave ( different fr the on the Hong Kong island), you will need to take a 2 hours hike to get there, my colleague at mind beauty actually wrote about this before which you can easily find out the route. But what’s more is that, after you get to the big wave beach which most people are chilling and setting up their tent, there is in fact one of the most beautiful and unknown beaches lying behind the little mountain.
So instead of overly excited and jump in the beach when you first finished the hike, you take a turn left from the first restaurant and carry on walking till you just pass the second one, there will be a a little rope for you to grab to guild you to the other side of the mountain. A little 10 minutes walk, and you will be in the most beautiful and tranquil beach there is in Hong Kong. Enormous in scale with the clearest water and most dramatic landscape, you will find yourself in pace and awes. Words literally can’t describe the sheer beauty of this place, just go and visit and see it for yourself.

I hope this will shed new light to your idea of Hong Kong!


Have fun,