Getting older is defenitely not a bad thing! Having more knowledge and confidence is worth more than the most beautiful diamond! With that said, many of us do not want to parade our wrinkles around. Here are a few tips to enhance your own beauty in a youthful way!

Airy base

You DON’T need the highest coverage foundation for your face when you have little flaws! Be that a little blemish, dark circle or a little winkle, you don’t need to smudge your whole face with it, instead you just apply the perfect match colour concealer on that particular spot and only that spot. Be extremely precise is the key, and you will thank me when you see the difference! Remember: a good hydrating gel is always a great idea, leave it for 10 minutes prior applying any make up, keeping your skin well-hydrated for the day and night!


Light it up

The right highlighting product is an amazing tool when it comes to appearing younger. That maximised theatrical look is not for everyday, but on a night out you can try to sculpt your face with make-up. A powder form highlighter could be a massive mistake, because they simply suck into winkle which resulting looking older (you don’t want to highlight winkles do you?) I strongly advise you to get a liquid luminizing highlighter. Apply with a foundation brush on the forehead, nose bridge, cheekbones and chin lightly, letting the light-reflective creates a youthful glow for you. Remember to use a light matted setting power to set the face too.


Don’t forget the lips

As we all know, with age lips does start shirking a bit sometime. If getting them lips rejuvenated by a surgeon isn’t something to consider, then enhance your lips with a good lipliner. With the right application it will really do the magic!


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 Emilie Beauty & Makeup: Korea Lip (HKD 1225 HKD 980


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