There’s something about being young and carefree that appeals to us all. But while we’re yet to find the fountain of youth, these anti-aging secrets will have you looking and feeling young.


It’s always best to prevent the appearance of aging than to try to reverse it. So make sure you start incorporating things like eye creams, retinol products and hyaluronic acid into your skincare routine now to stave off fine lines and wrinkles before they appear.

Eat Well

Eating healthfully means your body can provide the right chemicals and processes to keep you looking your best by helping with skin renewal and cell activity. Eat plenty of fresh produce like salmon, berries, and tomatoes to keep up your intake of Omega 3s, antioxidants and fats to keep your skin healthy and fresh.


You already know this but it bears repeating – drink a lot of water. It’ll help with all your body’s processes, and keep your skin glowing.

Wear sunscreen

The sun’s UV rays can wreak havoc on your delicate skin so you need to wear sunscreen everyday. Look for a broad spectrum formula with zinc.

Keep it clean

You can’t imagine the chemicals and pollution your skin is exposed to each day, so it’s essential that you clean your face every night. Wash your face with a deep cleaning cleanser and follow with a good moisturiser before you go to sleep.

Avoid sugar

Sugar – especially the pure white stuff – is horrifically aging. Processed sugar speeds up aging by weakening collagen in the skin. Eliminate it from your diet – your skin and body will thank you.

Get some sleep

This is your body’s time to repair at a cellular level, so be sure to get at least seven hours in bed every night.

Stop stressing

Stress is one of the biggest factors in aging, causing premature grey hairs and wrinkles. So meditate, exercise or spend time with friends – whatever keeps you from stressing out.

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