Tea has for me always been entangled with feelings of home and coziness. Maybe because my mother always had a cuppa beside the bed in the evenings while reading books for me when I was a child. The fragrances of these herbs makes me calm and happy, and only recently I got aware of how many positive effects they have on our health. Tea is not only inherently rich in antioxidants, it can also make your skin better. Here are my favourite teas that will make you glow, inside and out!

Stay forever young with Rooibos

This red tea has been used by the Khoisan people in South Africa for thousands of years, and is said to stop allergies, asthma, coughing and insomnia. Rooibos contains zink, magnesium, calcium, and flour but most important for the skin is superoxid dismutase that will work against the unwanted effects of ageing, by preventing fat loss under the skin which causes wrinkles.Rooibos-Tea-.jpg

Reduce inflammation with green tea

This health bomb from ancient China, who is said can prevent cancer and help you lose weight, contains antioxidants that will reactivate dying skin cells and there by help to heal damages caused by UV-light from the sun. It is proven that green tea prevent inflammations and dandruff by calming down stressed skin.Green-Tea-and-Eyes.jpg

Calm down with Chamomile

The herbal infusion of dried chamomile flowers and hot water has antibacterial, and anti- mutagenic effects that and is also anti-inflammatory. This antioxidant bomb will prevent acne as well as reduce stress hormones in your body and give you feelings of calm and help you relax, and as we know a good nights sleep is crucial for having perfect skin!chamomiletea.jpg

Let your inner glow out with hibiscus

This beautiful plant who grows naturally in East Africa, with its magnificent, colourful flowers is very high in vitamin C as well as vitamins A, B1, B2, zink and iron. It’s not a coincidence that those pills who are supposed to improve your skin, hair and nail quality contain just combined with omega -3 fatty acids and apha hydroxi acids – Just like the hibiscus tea!Wild-Hibiscus-Tea-Pot.jpg

So why don’t you just open that tea box and relax for a few minutes with your favourite book? (or netflix, it’s 2018 after all).