A hot summer with short skirts and tiny tops is just around the corner. Even if your tall shiny legs is all you need to catch gazes while walking down the streets, the summer wardrobe is a great time to focus on something else than statement garments! This is my five favourites for summer.


Summer is the time when you really can show off those toned, tanned, arms. Why not decorate them with a beautiful watch? I love to break the rules by mixing silver and gold, like this watch from cartier. It will give you a stylish yet classic look while holding an ice-cold apparel spritz!



In 2018 the sunglasses can’t be to crazy! Step out of your comfort zone and try these super size glasses from Chanel. Remember to pull them down a bit if you try to make eye contact with a handsome man at the beach, so he can see your beautiful eyes as well!


Floral Jewellery

Wearing a bikini does not mean that you can’t be fashionable at the same time. Nothing is more summery than matching necklace and earrings in the shape of flowers. Look at this set from Giambattista Valli. Don’t be afraid to go big! I always go after the device “the smaller the clothes, the bigger the jewellery”.


Sun lotion

Well I know that this is hardly an accessory, and certainly not the most joyful investment, but I can’t stress enough how important it is to protect your face. This is not about some abstract threat like “skin cancer”, but the very concrete reality of wrinkles! Even if your skin is not pale you want to keep your fresh youthfulness as long as possible. Make sure to get one that is moisturising as well. Beach life is tiring for the skin if you don’t take care of it.


Flat Sandals

Have you like me learned that you should never trust a woman in flat shoes? Well,  it is  time to change that attitude as sandals with flat soles is one of the major trends in 2018! Why not these by Fendi? What you lose in sassiness you gain in stylishness and your feet will thank you. Perfect for the weekend trip!


Don’t skip the clothes girls!

Lucia Fang