Fireworks? Yes! Champagne? Yes! Amazing friends and a beautiful stranger to kiss at midnight? Definitely yes! But the new years eve party is not complete without the essential glittering and shimmering decorations. Here are some ideas that can make your party one of the more memorable moments of the past year! Ring out the old, ring in the new but keep new years eve the most sparkling winter night!

Ice Cubes With the Number of the New Year In Dyed Ice

Welcome the new year by forming its number in colored ice! Let the numbers slowly melt in your drink. Just put some food coloring in water and freeze it in ice cubes shaped like numbers which you can get at a well sorted grocery stores, party store or order online. This is a perfect idea to make the welcome drink something extra. You can also add some eatable glitter or cute sprinkles to the cubes before you freeze them.

Shimmering Champagne Glasses

Add your personal touch and make your champagne glasses just as dazzling as your smile by adding some glitter! Simply dab two to three coats of paint onto a glass using a foam pouncer. You can use paint that is glittery, but if you want them to be really sparkling I recommend to paint them with glue and then dip the glasses in loose glitter! Why don’t you just cover your champagne bottles as well? Yes it’s addictive to put glitter on things but on new years eve it can’t be too much! Do the same with light holders, napkin rings, your husband et.c.

Champagne Bottles

Actually there is a number of ways to make the champagne bottle a bit more festive except for the already mentioned glitter concept. You can paint them with gold spray and add cute little bows or festive ribbons. I Like the idea of putting the number of the new year on four bottles that can stand on top of your champagne corner!

Confetti Shooter

Yes! Of course you will have confetti at your party! Let the air glitter like never before when the clock strikes twelve!

Flower Arrangements

My opinion is that the simpler the better when it comes to flowers. Just Use some winter classics and put them in a metallic vase to let the structure of the branches take place.

Keep It Slick

New years eve looks best in black (or white) and silver (or gold)! Save the color for your underwear and instead go that extra mile with confetti, disco balls, baloons and all sorts of glitter! And in this monochrome metallic landscape you will shine like a star! I hope you find some of these ideas interesting and that you will have a wonderful new years eve, and most of all that your 2019 will be the best year yet to come!