Valentine’s day is one of those holiday made up for consumerism. And you know what, I love it! There is no better day to treat yourself wether you are romantically involved or not. Here are the 5 things I do when my fairy god mother is not around.

Are your calfs sore from walking in those heels? It’s a great idea to let a professional massage those tired muscles and take care of your body. Indulge yourself with an essencial oil massage, that will sooth all parts that needs pamper! After all it’s a day celebrating love and YOU should be the person you love the most!

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Facial and Wax
This isn’t just your any day facial, why don’t you tip your toe into the land of exquisite treatments like activated Rose facial treatment, charcoal facial, Sea-Buckthom Renewal facial, 24K Gold Polar Facial and many more. Leaving your skin a marvellous glow!

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Get that fresh out of salon look, weather you are getting your roots touched up, having some dead ends chopped off, or the fullness of a blowout, it always feel great after a light change! Sass that freshness of your hair when you walk down the street.

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Nails and Makeup
With the right shape, your nails can subtly elongate your dainty hands, and when painted with the right shade it complements your skin and finish your look. But all this takes skills and patience. Why don’t you just book an appointment and let a professional take care of you! Do bring along your other half to get that pedicure for his double cheese burger feet while you drink some bubbly!

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Yoga in The Morning
Start your day with yoga and aline your body and mind! Being beautiful isn’t just something on the outside, it has to be come from within. Yoga is extremely handy especially when you are under a lot of stress! That is why valentine could be a great day to start this morning routine. Unleash your inner yogi soul and find peace within yourself!

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You are beautiful in your own skin and this valentine is just another reason to treat yourself and love yourself!

Tips Let MindBeauty organise and book all kinds of appointments for you, while you enjoy the day!