Now it’s only weeks until a storm of firecrackers, lanterns and dragons will embrace Hong Kong to the sound of traditional Chinese music, and of course everywhere we will see the color of happiness and love: red. It is scientifically proved that women in red appear to be more attractive than others, so why don’t you adjust to this wonderful celebration by wrapping yourself in a timeless, hot and sexy color? Here are five beautiful ideas that will definitely give you good fortune this new year!


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Nothing says “kiss me” in such a refined way as a pair of shiny bright red lips. If you are looking for Mr. right this is definitely something for you! And you can innocently mark your territory with a beautiful kiss-mark when you found him. Contemplate if you want a cold or warm hue.

A pair of red heels will redefine your femininity when you walk down the streets to watch the fireworks. Don’t go for patent leather, it might cause the wrong kind of attention. If you think red shoes aren’t your, you havn’t ventured the world famous red sole Louboutin’s!

It’s definitely your turn to be that girl who catches everyones eyes when you make your entrance to the new year’s party. The qipao is not only important for the Chinese culture, if you chose the right one it can also be cute and seductive! A red shade suits all skin tones and bodies, and qipao is engineered through thousands of year to enhance the female figure in the most sensual way. Chose a bright or deep saturated red to wow your admirers, then let an army of beautiful men invade your forbidden city…

Red panties will give you luck even if no one see them. To go out with a set of beautiful lingerie will give you all the confidence and security you ever needed. A sexy body in lace is a sexy surprise for the lucky one who undresses you at night. Avoid excessive details and let the color speak for itself! And remember that all bodies are beautiful in red underwear!

Sassy red nails will give you that vamp look which attracts men just as much as it scares them. Combine with the red lips for the ultimate look so that you are ready to leap into the wonderful year of dog!

Love Nutrisa