It is fashion week again, and this time lets take a look at which designer has their beauty game on point and who can we draw some inspiration from. When it comes to beauty, it is an ever changing perception, its important to keep ourselves always in the loop! Shall we go? Alexander McQueen, Karl Lagerfeld, Elie Saab, Dries Van Noten!

Alexander McQueen

This hair-up-do is increasing popular thanks to many insta i.t. girls. Braids have always been a statement look for hip hop gals, while streetwear is being more and more permeant in our closet, you might want to venture into this new badass style. Take inspiration from Guido for Alexander Mcqueen to create this clean, sharp, and shiny AF braids.

Karl Lagerfeld

Messy topknots might be obvious, but pair with mismatched earrings is another level of messy out of bed look. Take inspiration from the god of fashion Karl himself, pairing with gold highlight on them lids and cheekbone, for that extra glow. Call me a fairy and I aren’t sorry!

Elie Saab

We all just love Elie Saab’s dresses, though it is extremely expensive. It isn’t actually that hard to create the look at home, have your perfect jungle, floral print dress on and pair it with the right make up, you will literally look like you are fresh out of the catwalk! Having a 70’s floral printed numbers with the classic smoky eyes, lots of mascara and draw a bright line along the waterline et viola!

Dries Van Noten

There are many ways to catch someone’s eyes, Dries van Noten has taken it to another level by painted top and bottom lashes in various neon hues mascara. Having the model stand out from any other show. This look is paired with models’ hair parts and or sweeping across their foreheads to compensate that extra element over the eyes. This will work great for junk party, festival and the burning man if you are going.

Giorgio Armani

Mysterious and chic is what Armani is going for this season, having girls pale while giving them a strong ass brows like the good old 90’s. Keep everything on the face on a subtle side and rise the eyebrow game, in order to get them brows on fleek, you will need to lengthened and thickened. I found that quite easy done with your dryish mascara! Don’t forget to apply a considerable amount of mascara to your lashes too, otherwise it will create a not so balance look.

Embrace yourself!